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 Randy Best
41 lbs. 
46 inches 
 August 11,1992

The Blessed Event
It happened like this ....My mom met my daddy Frank and so now Ihave another family. They got married on Sept. 27,1997. They had to renew
their vows in June 1998 for my daddy Franks family and friends in Mo. I got to give my mom away..

Arriving Home
Jan.1999 Oh gosh, I am 6 years old now and live in N.C. I am in first grade.I can read now and it is fun. My mom is a teacher and my new daddy is in the Army.
I am a typical kid who hates to go to bed but really I am pretty good for
my age. By the way you can call me R.J. My grandma will be back with more about me.

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