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Hello Everyone My Genealogy Page!

My name is Sharon and I am originally from Chicago but I now live in Missouri. I am doing research on my family history. Surnames I am looking for are: RICHLEN FRANZEN DECKERT SCHERRER DRESSLER SAWOTTKE HUME SMITH SCHNEIDER STAUSS LITZLER BALLARD YOUNG HECK FLOWERS WOLFF From Germany &ALSACE-FRANCE to Iowa,Minnesota, Wisconsin,Illinois,etc.. Scroll down for some genealogy links! I can do lookups in the social security death index CD#110 for 1937 thru 1996 from A to Z. I also have World Family Tree Makers vol.1 thru vol. 12. You can E-mail

Hillsboro, MO
United States

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I am A Volunteer of Random Genealogical Kindness lookups for many U.S. Counties

I am a transcriber for

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