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Pictures of Our Ships

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Immigrant Ships Transcribers Guild.

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Click on Images to see Larger View SHIPS A to M For ships Nto Z goHere!
SS Adoria    SS Adriatic    SS Alaska    Albion      

Ship Alexander    Ship Alexandra    Ship Alexandria     Schooner Alfred    

Schooner Alma     America     Bark Arabia   Asia    

SS Atalanta    SS Australia    SS Baltic    Boston    

 SS Bremen     BritanniaSS Britannic    SS California   

SS Canima     Carondolet    SS Carpathia   SS Celtic  

Chapman       SS Cimbria    SS Circassia     City of New York    

Ship Clara    Columbia    Constitution    Denmark    

 SS Eagle    Ship Eliza    Ellen     Erin    Essex    Estonia    

SS Etruria   Europa    Finland    Flora    SS France

Ship Franklin   Friendship     SS Furnessia     SS Germanic    

SS Halifax    Hamilton    Havre  IleFrance    SS Imperator   

SS India   Indiana    Iowa    SS Italy    Ivernia   

Jamestown    Jenny    Lady Washington    Lapland    Leoinda   

 Levithan    Liverpool      SS Lurline    Majestic   

Manhattan   Margaret    Marianne    Marie    Mauretania    

Mercury    Minerva   Minnesota     Mississippi     Molly     

SS Morro Castle    Mount Vernon    
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