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Pictures of Our Ships

This site is for the dedication of the Immigrant Ships Transcribers Guild. It will be to find all the ships that the Transcribers Guild transcribed. Click on Images to see larger view!
Please be advised that before copying or distributing ANY information or content within this site that without prior permission, such acts may be an infringement upon the Intellectual Properties and Copyright Laws.
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 Schooner Nancy    SS Newport       SS Normandy    Norris 

SS North America    SS Oceanic      SS Oder    SS Ohio    

Brig Olinda     Olympic    Olympia     Oranje    

SS Pennsylvania     SS Philadelphia    Planter    Poland    Polaris     

 SS Pommerania     SS Princess Irene    Schooner Rambler    SS Republic    

SS Rotterdam    Ship Samuel     San Francisco    Ship Sapphire     

Steamer Saxonia    Schooner Sisters    South Carolina    SS Switzerland

SS Telegraph     Teutonia    Thingaville  RMS Titanic

SS Ulysses    SS United States    SS Vaderland    Vancouver    

Victoria    Victory    Schooner Vine    Steamer Virginia    

SS Washington    SS Wieland    WIlliam    Ship Wilmington    

SS Wisconsin   SS Wyoming     SS Zeeland
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